side view of climbing structure at legoland

The Family Adventure Passport: Everything You Need to Know (2024)

The image above is LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

I realized soon after having kids that the key to keeping everyone in my house sane was to actually get out of the house. Every Sunday is “family day” and we pick a new activity, restaurant, or park to try. It’s become our most cherished family time and an exciting project to choose our destination each week. I post about our adventures on my Instagram, and people are always curious how I learn about the different activities in the area.

Well, the Family Adventure Passport from Meet Chicago Northwest is the perfect place to start!

side view of indoor waterpark in Schaumburg
The Water Works

Who is Meet Chicago Northwest?

Meet Chicago Northwest is a nonprofit organization that highlights destinations and venues in the Northwestern Suburbs to support the local economy. They recognize the value of recreational family time, and they created a super fun project for families who like to make a game out of exploring the Northwest Suburbs. They also have a Northwest Cork & Tap Trail for brewery and winery enthusiasts, a Taste of Asia Passport, and the Chicago Northwest Taco Trail.

What is the Family Adventure Passport?

The Family Adventure Passport is a mobile passport featuring family-friendly locations in the Northwest Suburbs. You earn points for visiting their participating locations, and points can be redeemed for merchandise.

overhead view of a play area at Woodfield Mall
Free Play area at Woodfield Mall

How Does it Work?

You simply sign up for an account for free. They will send you a text, and you can add your account to your homepage of your phone for easy access (or you can bookmark the page if you prefer). Once you visit a participating location, you “check-in” with your phone using the geolocation. You earn points every time you check in, and you can use the points for #ChicagoNW merchandise. It’s that easy!

bison and nature playground from side
Bison’s Bluff

What are the Participating Destinations?

This is the best part. There are locations for every family! Activities for every age range, interest and budget. Here is a list of the current participating locations:

inside view of peppa pig's world of play
Peppa Pig’s World of Play

Why Should I Participate?

Besides the merchandise? Because it’s fun! It’s the perfect project for families that like setting goals and enjoying themselves. People love getting their passports stamped, and it’s a great challenge for your family. You also get to support local businesses in the process. .And, for the truly competitive people out there, you can make it a competition with other families!

side view of outdoor ninja course
Meineke Park

What if I Don’t Live in the Northwest Suburbs?

You don’t need to! I actually live in the city, but branching out to the suburbs for recreation has been awesome for our family. Many locations are right off the freeway, so it’s not a challenge once you get on the road.

More Questions?

Feel free to message me or check out Meet Chicago Northwest. There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than quality family time, and the Family Adventure Passport is a great way to spend more time with your loved ones.

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