colorful flowers and date of mini fest, July 30th from 11-3pm

Mini Fest 2023

What is Mini Fest?

Mini Fest is the brainchild of art teacher, Sydney Walters. Sydney realized that a lot of kids did not have the access or resources to practice their creativity,

She decided to take action and created Mini Fest, an art-making festival that is accessible, memorable, and engaging for all ages.

Artists and entrepreneurs lead creative workshops that inspire the imagination and let kids reconnect with their creativity.

It is designed for all ages and genders.

When is it?

Mini Fest will take place on July 30th, 2023 from 11:00am-3:00pm

Where is it?

Altitude Trampoline Park in the West Loop, 404 N Armour St, Chicago, IL 60642.

Most festivities will be outdoors, but adult beverages can be purchased inside Altitude. There is FREE street parking around Altitude.

How much does it cost?

The event itself is FREE. Every kid will receive a ticket book and will receive a stamp for each activity they complete. Some activities are free, some will have a cost.

altitude trampoline park during Minifest

What activities will be there?

Below are the creative workshops taking place at Mini Fest. Some workshops are free, some are for a cost which is listed below.

VIP passes are $120 and includes ALL 20 workshops at Mini Fest, 1 hr jump at Altitude, and a Limited Edition Tote Bag.

Sign up for workshops in advance or buy VIP passes.

Chicago With Kids will be leading a FREE Chicago Sun Catcher workshop. Come see us!

workshops for minifest.

Is there anything to do besides crafts?

Yes! There will be dance parties, yoga classes, food vendors, clothing vendors and more! Below is the full lineup of vendors and activities.

full schedule of mini fest

I have a question about the event.

Excellent! Send me an email at, and I will do my best to find an answer for you or reach out to the creator, Sydney, here.

girls painting vases at Minifest

All photos are from the Mini Fest website or Instagram account.

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